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Both Sides the Bard


I gave myself permission to draw and paint again when I was camped in the Catskills, in a tent, on the side of a small mountain at the New York Renaissance Festival. I call it Dreamtime. I had studied visual art in high school and in college at the Ohio State University. Painting is different than performing which requires being hired, applause, tips and CD sales to survive. I paint to find an inner peace through natural inspirations and free, lyrical expression very similar to music.
I create on canvas, pastel board and watercolor paper with acrylic and watercolor paints and pastels, sometimes as mixed media. My art was recently displayed as a solo show at the Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie Texas from January-April.
"All the World's a Stage" was part of the Georgetown, TX, Art Hop Show. My work has been in four separate shows at Stinger Studio in Georgetown including my own show. I've set up small shows at house concerts and at Things Celtic in Austin. Kind friends at Sherwood Forest Faire have displayed my work in their shops. Those who browse Facebook have "liked" my postings many times. My paintings are in homes in Los Angeles, CA, Colorado, Louisiana, Ohio,Texas and travel as small treasures with friends.

I jumped off the edge of the world, without a net, as a full time entertainer in 1997. Hundreds of thousands of miles later, through all kinds of terrain, weather, festivals, fans and five CD's, I've made a small dent in the Celtic/folk music world. I've been featured at the Los Angeles County Irish Festival, Celtic Fling in PA, Oppenheimer Place in Los Alamos, NM, the Sherwood Celtic Festival, house concerts, Things Celtic in Austin, pubs, coffee houses. "More songs to sing, more tales to avow, more blarney than the law doth allow" is my mantra as the Bard O'Neill at Texas Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest Faire, the New York Renaissance Festival, Bristol Renaissance, Sherwood Forest Faire and many others: some living and others faded into history. I've been many characters as part of corporate and private events. I've also taught improv, language and character development workshops plus been Music Director. I have a lot of energy. I love to see "the lights turn on" as a director and as an entertainer.

Karl Caillouet, owner of Heights Sound insist "There's riches in niches." I have produced five CD's: "Bard of the Mountains", "Janus", "A Rogue by Any Other Name". "Conversations with the Moon" and "Tales of the Trickster", with some of the best musicians I could muster and two of the finest sound engineers who kept me honest: Karl Caillouet and Tree Leom. Go to for sound samples through It is instantly connected. Limited editions of the jewel case, tangible CD's are available in the lobby. "Bard of the Mountains" is only available for downloading at my website. I have reviews, raves and asides at my website. I am an Avalon guitar artist. My music is fresh because I have a curiosity, a drive to learn and improve; an insatiable need to keep moving...forward.As my mom says, "It's a great life if you don't weaken." Only a few cracks in the veneer, Mom.

Diane Linn


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