Photographer / Artist Royce Bishop

the Foundation…

The first pictures I ever took were with a black and white instamatic in the early 1970’s. As a kid it was a true magical experience, not only for the click of the shutter and explosion of the flash, but how time itself was frozen forever.

The pictures, half cut-off, poorly exposed, and semi-blurred, had accomplished the most important thing a picture can do -- tell a story of a moment in time. It was from those first few pictures that I was intrigued, fascinated and hooked on photography. I spent the following years taking pictures when I could talk mom into letting me use the camera until I finally got my own as a teen.

Since then I have always had a camera, still or moving, close at hand.

the Transition…

As a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas in 1993, I utilized my degree as the director of an in-house audio and video training department for a major international clothing manufacturer for many years. This allowed me time to develop my business skills and knowledge until I began my own audio, video and graphic design company, 1122 Studios, in 1997. Since then I created hundreds of professional audio, video, photography and graphic design projects for a wide range of corporate and individual clients.

1122 Studios was a natural extension of Cubed Creations. The majority of the photography created for Cubed Creations was related to corporate projects with limited services for my individual, personal clientele. So in an effort to expand my services to all my clients and fulfill a personal passion of mine, I created 1122 Studios.

the Bottom-line…

My clients can feel confident in my many year’s of experience, knowledge and passion for providing a professional product and excellent service.

I tirelessly work towards making each project, photo session, or picture the very best it can be. Everything I create not only has to meet your expectations but mine as well.

My goal is to tell a story with your memories that will last for years to come.



I am an artist that views the world in a linear fashion. Before I even frame a photograph the converging lines within a scene have caught my eye.

Usually this consists of patterns and contours that unite in a unique way to form depth and interest within the scene.

On top of this foundation lies the beautiful dance of light, shape and texture of the landscapes, architectures and other spaces found in my art.

Being a native Texan I hold my traditional values close while leaving open a path for new impressions. This allows me to see and appreciate the beauty within a subject both new and old.

Every piece of work I create exhibits my pride and passion.



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