Out of time but want pictures?


Then at 1122 Studios mini session is perfect for you. On multiple weekends though out each month. We choose a special park or place to set up in thought out the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. We then set up 15 minute sessions thought out the day for you to schedule and have your pictures taken.

Each location will have a variety of scenes and multiple pose options. This is a great way for Family, Couples, and even pets to get those holiday pictures done.

Sessions are $50 with a $25 nonrefundable deposit due at time of booking. Sessions will run approximately 15 minutes long.  Once your session is complete we will return to our studio and professionally edit your best images and upload them for you to download. You will receive 10-15 high resolution images which you may print or use for your favorite social media such as Facebook

If you desire a longer more private session with multiple locations and outfit changes. Please contact us for further information

Pet Photography


At 1122 studios we love our furry friends and all those creatures that walk
around on four legs, yes maybe even two legs.

We know how to work closely with you and your pet to capture some great
pictures and make memories that will last a lifetime. We work with all types
of animals and creatures as long as they are not venomous ha-ha!

We prefer to come to your location where the animal is usually most comfortable
or we can meet in a park or other location if you feel that there’s
anything special you want.

Our sessions include high-resolution digital download of your images which
you can use for printing or sharing on any of your favorite social media sites

All images are professionally edited each session will vary based on the
amount of time it requires to get the shots done ranging from 15 minutes to
an hour or more Continue reading “Pet Photography”

Ross Tower Art Exhibit

#1122studios is excited that our art exhibit is live and what a wonderful first day. We sold 3 pieces!

We had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful new people and seeing some fabulous familiar faces.

We will be running a special on head shots this weeks just $50 which we have set up on the second floor of Ross Tower. These are an on location only offer.

Call today to set up your appointment.

We are also running special event one time only pricing on all fine art.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Hannah’s Bridal Shoot

At the beginning of September I had the honor of shooting Hannah’s bridal pictures in Ft. Worth. It was a beautiful day and while warm it was not unbearable. With Pam assisting me and Hannah’s wonderful mother helping us along the way we got some amazing images. Here are just a few of the examples from the day, I hope you enjoy them.

Please feel free to post up any comments you may have and check out the 1122 Studios Facebook page and like us there.


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Senior and Lifestyle Photography Session



Senior and Lifestyle Photography


When it comes to capturing that special time in your life like graduation, be it high school or college, you can count on 1122 Studios to grab the moment. Royce specializes in senior photography and works closely with you to get exactly what you’re looking for.

We believe that these images are based on your lifestyle at this time, like who you are, what you are interested in and where you are headed, so that when you do achieve that final goal you can look back and share these memories with your kids and family.

There is no time to waste because time passes by way too fast. So just click on the link above and fill out our free estimate and lets grab your special moment today!

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Bridal Photography Session


Bridal Photography Session



Royce Bishop personally handles all Bridals. To him the Bridal is more important than even the wedding itself. In his words “the Bridal is the one image, if done right, that will always hang in a couples’ home throughout their marriage”.

The Bridals are a complete experience and we spare “almost” no expense to capture you and your dress in the most amazing scenes. If you need a hotel room to change into your dress, we provide it. Want to shoot out in the wilderness? We will bring an RV. Yeah, it is that important if you ask us.

So if you want to capture that true unforgettable image of you and the most important day of your life, Click on the link above and fill out the form and let’s get together and make some magic happen.

Family Photography Session


Family Portaits



When it comes to capturing those special moments with your loved ones Royce Bishop brings you the best he has to offer. He will work at finding comfortable and creative locations to shoot and knows how to keep all of those little munchkins excited about the experience.

He will help you to relax and enjoy yourself along with your family all the while grabbing those special memories before the kids grow up too fast.

So if you want to capture that true, unforgettable image of you and your family, then click on the link about and fill out the form and let’s get together and make something magical happen.

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